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Vc ethyl ether

Chinese name
Vitamin C ethyl ether
English name
Vc ethyl ether
3-O-ethyl ascorbate, vitamin C ethyl ether
Chemical formula
Molecular weight
Boiling point
551.5°C at 760 mmHg [1] 
Water soluble
soluble in water
1.46g/cm3 [1] 
White or off-white crystalline powder
Flash point
228.5 ° C [1] 
Security description
Hazard symbol
Do not expose to the sun, encounter fire
Risk description
Do not expose to the sun, encounter fire
Dangerous goods transport number
National patent number
Chemical Name
 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbyl Ether
 Ethyl Ascorbic Acid
CAS number
 86404-04-8 [1] 
Executive standard
Enterprise standard, Pharmacopoeia not included
Sterilization control (cobalt 60 or cobalt 80 irradiation)
main role
Inhibits melanin formation and decomposes subcutaneous melanin
Add amount
Maximum addition amount

Physical and chemical indicators

SolubilityWater soluble, fat soluble
Colorpure white
Detection methodHPLC
Quality controlZelong Biotechnology
Non-toxic, non-irritating
PH value
Scope of application
Cream, lotion, mask
Heavy metal

Vitamin C ethyl ether is a very useful vitamin C derivative. It is not only very chemically stable, it is a vitamin C derivative that does not change color, and it is a lipophilic hydrophilic amphoteric substance, which greatly expands him. The scope of application, especially in the application of daily chemistry. 3-O-ethyl ascorbate can easily enter the dermis through the stratum corneum. After entering the body, it is very easy to decompose the enzymes in the body to exert the biological effects of vitamin C.

  VC ethyl ether, also known as vitamin C ethyl ether, is a high-purity vitamin C derivative synthesized by a national patented production process (one-step synthesis), which is essentially different from vitamin C (VC). Vitamin C (VC) is recognized for its high-efficiency freckle whitening effect and high safety, but it is easily oxidized, not easily absorbed by the skin, and has low skin utilization. Relative to the dimension C, VC ethyl ether easily penetrates the stratum corneum into the dermis layer, and is converted into VC and H2O by bio-enzyme decomposition after entering the skin, thereby exerting the role of VC and improving the utilization of VC, thereby playing a better role. The freckle whitening effect.

Main effects:

l, VC ethyl ether enters the dermis and directly participates in the synthesis of collagen to repair the skin cell activity, so that the collagen is increased, so that the skin becomes full and elastic, making the skin delicate and smooth.

2, inhibit tyrosinase activity, inhibit the formation of melanin, reduce melanin to colorless, high-efficiency whitening skin.

3. Excellent anti-oxidation effect in cosmetics, ensuring the utilization of VC. Compared with VC, VC ethyl ether is very stable and does not change color. Really achieve the effect of whitening and freckle.

4, with lipophilic and hydrophilic structure, easy to absorb the skin, can reach the dermis

5, strong antibacterial anti-inflammatory effect, anti-sunlight caused by inflammation.

7, good stability, light, heat, acid, alkali, salt and air oxidation

8, vitamin C and its derivatives inhibit the effect of tyrosinase

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