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Ascorbyl glucoside

AA2G is a natural vitamin C containing glucose- stable ingredients. Vitamin C such that the composition can be easily and efficiently manufactured cosmetics, creams containing the AA2G and lotions for the skin, through the skin of the enzyme and α- glucosidase action, AA2G contains vitamin C can be slowly circulated out . AA2G can be used to lighten skin tone and reduce pigmentation of age spots and freckles . AA2G is not only used for whitening , but also brightens the dull complexion, delays aging , and protects the skin in sunscreen products.
Chinese name
Sexual quality
Natural vitamin C
The main purpose
For cosmetics

Efficacy introduction

1, brighten skin tone
Inhibit melanin formation
After AA2G is converted into vitamin C and enters skin cells, it can significantly reduce the formation of melanin by inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase. Inhibition of tyrosinase reduces dopaquinone, which is an intermediate substance in the synthesis of melanin. Another added benefit is the simultaneous conversion of dopaquinone to levodopa.
Inhibit melanin formation
B16 melanoma cells
2, brighten skin ton
Reduction of melanin
After AA2G is converted into vitamin C into the skin cells, it can significantly brighten the complexion and reduce the formed melanin by reducing the reaction.
3, brighten skin tone
Reduce skin pigmentatio
AA2G-containing cream can effectively reduce pigmentation for brightening skin tone.
4, against UV damage
Inhibit damage to cells by ultraviolet radiation
When AA2G is converted into vitamin C , it can significantly reduce the free radicals generated by ultraviolet light, which can significantly reduce skin damage.
5, anti-aging
Promote collagen synthesi
Collagen is a protein that plays an important role in skin structure and protection. AA2G is converted into collagen synthesis in fibroblasts after vitamin C enters skin cells This effect of AA2G can be maintained for a period of time.
6, anti-aging
Improve wrinkles and rough skin
Formulations containing AA2G have a significant effect on reducing wrinkles and rough skin.

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